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[The First Collective Settlement in the World !]


The scientific excavations made at Catalhoyuk 12km. north of Cumra town of Konya have shown that the first collective settlement of the human kind on earth was here.Scientists, observing the works that have been brought to light, say that the communities living in and around Catalhoyuk with a population nearing 10 thousand in 7000 B.C. are the oldest hordes in the world; that the first agricultural techniques, the first oven, the first weaving, the first commerce, the first antique bank, the first jewellery, painting, sculpture, the usage of the first soil and copper bowls, the first taming of the animals have started here and that the concept of possession has been born here when a stamp was used for the first time and that the oldest map in the world and the first landscape painting was found here.