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[Thermal Tourism]


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Everybody knows the importance of water for human life. All civilizations throughout the history were established near water. Civilizations established in Mesopotamia, between the rivers Firat and Dicle or Egypt civilization which emerged and developed near River Nile owe their existence to these rivers, namely to water. The importance of water in human life is expressed with phrases we frequently hear in our daily lives Iike, “Life has started with water”, “The life has started with the utilization of water.”, “Be sacres as water!”

Beside drinking water and potable water, mineral rich thermal waters and mineral waters which come to surface through the earth’s crust also have importance in human life. Men became aware of these medicinal waters from the beginning and found ways to derive utmost benefit from the positive affects of these waters on human health. Ancient Egypt, archaic Greek, Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations were the societies which knew the various ways of deriving utmost benefit from thermal spring waters. Thermal waters, which are used in various styles like bathing, drinking, smelling and mud caressing, are utilized widely for being healthier and as healing agents in various diseases.

Turkey is on an important geothermal zone. It is in the fist seven countries with respect to the abundance and potential of its thermal sources. . While there is an average of 200-300 thermal sources per country in European countries, the number of the thermal water sources of Turkey which are still in use are over 1000. With the potential sources which cannot be utilized as required, this number exceeds 2000. hence, Turkey is a thermal tourism paradise.

Beside the abundance of our sources, our thermal waters have dominating characteristics both for flow and temperature and for various physical and chemical characteristics. Also, the climatic conditions of Turkey permit a long cure season which cannot be seen in many countries. Thermal centers and springs have traditional importance for ages in our country as natural cure centers.

With its fortunate position, Turkey is on the way to become a magnet and with its contemporary facilities, puts health and beauty tourism into service for the whole world

Haruniye (Adana), Omer-Gecek-Sandikli (Afyon), Kizıicahamam-Ayas-Haymana (Ankara), Gonen-Gure-Edremit (Balikesir), Cekirge-Oylat(Bursa), Bolu, Kestabol (Canakkale), Pamukkale-Karahayit (Denizli), Balcova-Cesme-Sifne (Izmir), Terme (Kirsehir), Ilgin (Konya), Yoncali-Emet-Gediz-Simav-Ilica (Kutahya), Koycegiz-Dalyan-Kaunos-Dalaman (Mugla), Akyazi (Sakarya), Ayder (Rize), Ladik (Samsun), Billoris (Siirt), Kangal (Sivas), Hasanapdal (Van) and Yalova are some parts of Turkey which are well known for their thermal centers and facilities.