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Izmir has been a center of cultural activities for a very long time. In the Municipal Culture Center a wide range of cultural activities take place. Izmir Aegean Philharmonic Orchestra takes pride in its international reputation. Each year within the context of International Culture and Art Festival, works of many Turkish and international artists are exhibited and staged in such important places as the environs of Izmir and the ancient theater in Ephesus. It is a great pleasure to experience a concert in the Ephesus Ancient Theater, under the stars. The cultural importance of the city has been increasing due to the numerous activities of the several cultural institutions such as many movie theaters, National Opera and Ballet, National Symphony Orchestra, The National Theater. These festivals provide a considerable contribution to this cultural development.

It is possible to have great hours in the restaurants, night club and cafés of Alsancak where delicious local wines and seafood are served. “Kordon Boyu” is a great place for a walk. Besides, there are plenty of catering facilities along the way. Kultur Park, where teagardens and restaurants are located and various entertainments take place, is a perfect area for sweltered and exhausted visitors. Pasaport is undoubtedly one of the most pleasurable places as well. A nostalgic walk down the coastline in phaeton is a very pleasant alternative.

Among the most varied meals of Izmir are Izmir kofte - meatballs in seasoned tomato sauce, papaz yahnisi -meat and shallots stew seasoned garlic vinegar and cumin, mucver - battered, deep fried patties of grated squash with dill, enginar dolmasi – artichoke stuffed with rice, minced meat, onion, parsley and lemon juice topped with egg and lemon sauce, kabak cicegi dolmasi - stuffed squash blossoms, tere corbasi – cress soup, yer elmasi– sunchoke, and tel kadayifi - shredded dough baked in syrup topped with crushed nuts. In the mornings Izmir tulumu- Izmir cheese along with gevrek - a ring shaped bread covered with sesame seeds, and in the evenings cop sis - Grilled small pieces of meat on wooden skewers or Gilt head bream and cowpea are the most recommended tastes.


Visitors can buy charming antique, jewelry, carpet, wide range of dress and also Izmir’s well-known dried fig and raisin from the shops on narrow and roundabout streets in Kemeralti District. Local fish like “tranka” and”cupra” are served in the fish restaurants in this lively region and Alsancak. One can find interesting shopping opportunities in the Havra Street. The visitors are lured by the elegant and stylish shops juxtaposed along Kordon boyu, Karsiyaka and Cumhuriyet Avenue