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Hisar Mosque, which is situated on the Kemeralti- Hisaronu Square, is the grandest, the oldest and the most important mosque of the city. It was built in 1592 and restored in 19th century. Its pulpit, which is a top-level masterpiece of handwork, is worth seeing. Basdurak Mosque which was built in 1652 is single-domed. There are places of worship on the upper floor and stores on the ground floor of the mosque that was restored in 1774. The Sadirvan Mosque, named after the fountains underneath, was built in 17th century and restored in 19th century.

Another mosque from the 17th century is the Kemeralti. The center-domed mosque’s engravings are particularly striking. Salepcioglu Mosque which was built in 1906 again in the same region is the largest-domed mosque in the city. It has a delicate and fine-structured minaret. Yali Mosque in Konak district is a small mosque which was built in 1854 with a classical Ottoman architectural style. The octagonal designed mosque’s gate and the window cornices are decorated with turquoise tiles.