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The triplex Archeology Museum near Konak Square exhibits many significant work of arts belonging to Aeolic, Ionian, Roman and Byzantine civilizations together with an excellent collection of Poseidon, Demeter and Artemis Statues. The museum also has a collection of glass, jewelry and coin dated from the Catholic Era till Byzantine Era. It is open everyday except Mondays.

The adjacent building which was constructed in 18th Century in a Neo-Classical style is used as Ethnography Museum. Some scenes about Izmir’s social life in 19th century are exhibited in the museum and carpets of Bergama and Gordes region, authentic garments and camel helmets are some examples of the folkloric artifacts that attract the visitors.

An ancient neo-classic style Izmir house located in Ataturk Street was once the house of Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, and it has been redecorated as Ataturk Museum in 1978. In the museum Ataturk’s pictures and his belongings are exhibited.

In the Art Gallery in Konak Square illustrations appertaining to Ottoman reign, Republican Period and present day Turkish art are presented. The museum is significant since it enriches the art life of Izmir.

The Natural History Museum in Bornova where natural work of arts belonging to Aegean Region and its environs are exhibited is worth to see as well. Also, there are Archeology Museums in Odemis that are located in 60 km east of the city and in Tire which is 50 km away from Izmir.