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There are various religious structures of all beliefs and communities that are present or were previously located in Istanbul.

The Armenian Patriarchate

One of the four hierarchical centers of the Armenian church is located in Istanbul (along with Beirut, Yerevan and Jerusalem). The Istanbul Armenian Patriarchate’s Mother Mary Central Church and traditional wooden Patriarchate structure is present since1641 in Kumkapi.

The Fener Greek Patriarchate

The Fener Greek Patriarchate which is the religious center of the orthodox community is located in the Fener district since the year 1600 and has been given the name Aya Yorgo. In spite of the fact that the church has been through considerable damage in a fire in 1941, and has been damaged many more times after, it has been restored each and every time. The structure is famed with the inestimable goods that it accommodates. Some examples of the inestimable goods such as the Patriarch Throne which has been known remaining ever since the 5th century, three mosaic icons that are rarely found in the world, the column which is believed that Jesus was tied and whipped on in Jerusalem and three coffins which belong to saints.

The St. Stephens Bulgarian Church (St.stephens)

The complete church is located in a beautiful garden located on the edge of Halich in Balat. Including the columns and mezzanines, it was iron casted in Vienna, and has been brought via seaway. It is one of the famous architect Aznayour’s work of art. Being prefabricated is the distinguishing characteristic of this structure.

The Saint Antoine Catholic Church

This church which was designed by an Italian architect Giulio Mongeri, is located on Istiklal Street in Beyoglu. It was designed in a neo-gothic design and was completed in the year1912. The structure was constructed in a large yard with reinforced concrete. It is one of Istanbul’s largest and biggest community owning Catholic churches.

The Neve Shalom Synagogue

The Literal meaning of the name of the synagogue that is located in Galata Buyuk Hendek Street is "Oasis of Peace". The synagouge that has been opened in 1951 is presently the most modern and magnificent synagouges in Istanbul. Many important ceremonies of the Jewish religion community, takes place in this synagogue. The project of the structure belongs to Elio Ventura and Bernard Motola, the graduates of the University of Istanbul Technique. The dome that carrys an 8 ton chandelier, the stained glass windows of which the glass was especially imported from England and the interesting marble divisions are very conspicuous.
1- St.Maria - Beyoglu
2- St. Pierre Church - Galata - constructed in the year 1841 by The Fosati brothers
3- The Serb Kirkor Lusarovich - Armenian Orthodox Church - Ortakoy - 1838
4- The Surp Kirkor Lusarovich - Armenian Othodox Church - Karakoy
5- The Surp Asdvazazin Cathedral - Beshiktash
6- The Yanbolu Synagogue - Balat
7- The Italyan Synagogue - Galata