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100 years ago, Ankara used to be an Anatolian village. Craftsmen and artisans used to form the majority of the population. Certain handicrafts were improved thanks to Ahi organization, an ecclessiastical vocational organization. Leather manufacturing, filigree, earthenware jug, weaving and embroidery, wool fabric (“sof”) manufactures were among the major means of income in Ankara. There is no leather manufacturing and wool fabric (“sof”) manufacture today in Ankara, but fligree, earthenware jug, weaving and embroidery still carry on production, even if in a small amount.

Ornaments made with silver filigree handwork are asked for and especially preferred in Beypazari. And headscarves named as “burgu” are woven in Beypazari. These weaving samples might attract your attention. Earthenware jugs made of red soil keep the liquid inside cool. Today, these earthenware jugs are still being made in the factory plants in Ayas and Sereflikochisar. Embrodieries needing a manual an eye-straining work embellish/adorn the margins of handkerchieves, headscarves and various covers, which are all spectacular. Foreign visitors to Ankara really enjoy to visit Bakircilar Carsisi (Bazaar of Coppersmiths) in Cikrikcilar Yokusu (Weavers’ Road) near Ulus, where interesting traditional and brand-new copper items, jewelleries, furnitures, carpets, clothes and handicrafts can be found.

There are also shopping centers in Ankara serving the needs of the modern age. Illuminated vitrines, bookstores, cafes in Kizilay and pubs, restaurants, florists, fishermen in Sakarya Avenue closed to traffic are the ideal alternatives for a pleasant day to spend. Tunali Hilmi Avenue is a long avenue full of shopping malls. As for the two biggest trade and shopping centers, the first one is Atakule with the Dreamland Entertainment Center and its 155 shopping malls, and the other one is Karum with its 382 shopping malls. Only a few of the modern and rich bazaars are such: Galeria Shopping Center in Umitkoy, one of the districts of Ankara, along the highway known as Eskisehir road when you get a little far away from the city center, and Armada and Bilkent Shopping Centers for the ones looking for the malls a little closer to the city center.