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Ankara offers a lively life of art and culture thanks to all the activities in balet, theatre, opera, cinema, exhibitions, concerts. Among exhibition centers, there are Ataturk Culture Center and Expo Center at Altin Park. We should also remember to count a lot of art galleries. Persons willing to closely follow the current activities of art and culture will have difficulty keeping up with the intensive and high tempo of the activities especially at the certain periods of the year. Every year, International Film Festival, Cartoon Festival, Ankara International 23 April Child Festivity, “Sevda Cenap And” Ankara Art and Music Festival (May/June), Asia-Europe Art Biennial, Ankara Art Fair are a few of the cultural activities annually organized for years.

In addition to the life of art and culture, the activities in Ankara will exhilarate you. It is possible to do camping and walking in nature on high plateaues within the borders of Ankara and to do angling at the resorts and the springs for the day. Among these high plateaues, Egriova Plateaues including Belenova, Kuyucak, Sarıalan, Cukuroren and Egriova Plateaues Camlıdere-Benli Plateaues (Yilanli, Osmansin, Peçenek, Cukuroren Plateaues), Gudul-Sorgun Plateau, Nallihan-Andız Plateau, Kizilcahamam-Ulucak, Baskoy and Salin (Maden) Plateaues are worth mentioning.

There are also areas favourable for bicycle tours around Ankara. It is highly favourable for bicycle tours around Kirmir Brook Valley, Ankara Brook Valley, Egriova and Benli Plateaues, Karagol, Mogan and Eymir Lake.

Kirmir Brook Valley with its racecourse of 30 km for nature walks, Pazar Brook Valley with its racecourse of 22 km for strolling and Ilhan Brook Agan Valley, Cubuk Brook Valley favourable for short nature walks, Inonu Valley, Mogan and Eymir Lakes, Cubuk Dam, Soguksu National Park are highly good alternatives for nature walks and hiking.

There are also places for nature walks on horseback around and in Ankara. For example, people do nature walks on horseback in Kizilcahamam-Karacaoren Village. Karaşar-Egriova Plateaues and Cemlidere-Benli Plateaues are potentially high in this activity.

Golbasi Paragliding Training Facilities is quite close to Ankara. The training hill overlooks a vast plain and highly favourable point for paragliding because of favourable altitude and because of receiving the wind from every direction.

Ankara awards the visitors who love skiing with Elmadag Ski Resort. The resort is 18 km far away from Ankara. The transportation from the city center to the ski facilities is possible by university services and private vehicles. The ski resort located on the northern sides of Elmadag, between altitudes of 1500 – 1850 m. The ski season is between January and March and the thickness of snow is 30-60 cm. There is one hotel and two restaurants as well as a ski house. The path is simple and intermediate.

Thermal tourism takes a prominent place in Ankara. Kizilcahamam Thermal Spring, Kizilcahamam Sey Spring Thermal Tourism Center, Ayas Mineral and Thermal Spring, Dutlu-Tahtali Thermal and Mineral Springs, Çubuk Meliksah Thermal Spring and Haymana Thermal Spring are medicinal springs around Ankara.

As for watersports, we can consider windsurfing and river, lake and dam fishing to be done in Sarıyar Dam and Camlidere Dam Lakes.

If you are interested in caves, we can suggest you two interesting caves. The Caves from the Byzantian Period located in Gudul, Ankara are historical above-ground caves and are presumed to trace back to the Byzantian Period. People mount the stairs for upper floors inside these caves formed by hollowing. They have comparison with Urgup-Goreme caves in the Central Anatolia. Tulumtaş Cave is in Golbası, 15 km far away from Ankara. There are spectacular stalactites, stalagmites and pillars inside the cave formed as a result of chemical dissolutions, in a large limestone block of 5 km in length, 1-1.5 km in width, 30-40 km in height.