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Soguksu National Park

is 80 km away from Ankara. The park also covers the forests of touristic importance surrounding Kizilcahamam. The highest hill of the park is the Arhul Hill of 1789 m altitude.

The National Park is highly rich in flora. 800 hectares of National Park is forest area and 250 hectares of it is clearing. Clearing areas have been forested with saplings of scotch pines and black pines.

Within the National Park, there are two outdoor cafes, a spring water production area, a buffet, an open-air theatre with capacity for 500 persons, and a touristic hotel with capacity for 80 beds and with every kind of comfort and luxury. As well as putting up a tent in Soguksu National Park, you can also do camping with caravan. There are also facilities for the enthusiasts of mountain tourism in parking fields.

Outside the National Park in Ankara, there are also parks specially forested and good for the ones wishing to go away from the crowdedness of cities. Such parks as Anit Park, the Botanic Garden, Abdi Ipekci Park, Guven Park, Kurtulus Park, Kugulu (Swan) Park, the National Sovereignty Park, Ahmet Arif Park, Ataturk Park of 12.000 square meter of field, Kecioren Gokcek Parki of 46.500 square meter of field scatters in the different corners of the capital city. Kecioren Domestic Animals Park is a spectacular park and one of the most expansive and the largest parks of social content. The park is a candidate for membership of the World Association of Zoos. In the park, there are social facilities, playgrounds, picnic areas, swimming pool, waterfall, and the habibats of domestic animals.

The big Youth Park (Genclik Park) is one of the first works done during the first years of the Republic, when the city of Ankara longing for water and green space was taken over. The park greened up has a gigantic swimming pool. Apart from the Youth Park which is one of the green spaces with its amusement park, its teagardens, its outdoor cafes, its summer theatrical productions, Altinpark is another important park in Ankara. Formerly a golf club, this field has been restructured and the facilities have been built for shopping and culturan activities. In the park can be found International Fair Center, Science Center, Culture Center, Grounds for Outdoor and Indoor Sports, Open-air and Partial Open-air Amphitheatres, Turkish, Italian and Chinese Restaurants, the section composed of Turk Sokak and Tepe inn, ponds and gardens, Olympic Swimming Pool, Mini Golf Course. The Swan (Kugulu) Park with its swans is especially popular with kids. Apart from being a recreational area, Seymenler Park witnesses some performances from time to time. In this park, there are amphitheatres and areas favourable for concerts, performances and shows.

The Botanical Park with its natural beauties is an area worth seeing. Every year, the Peace Bell in the park rings on the day when the first atom bomb was dropped on Hirosima. At the highest point of the park is Atakule with its restaurant and its disco and the shopping center next to it. For the one wishing to end the tiredness of a busy day with a calm nightfall or to prolong it with a pleasant night, Papazin Bagi with green grass is a good alternative.

The 50. Yil Park

in Cebeci is a park planned to mark the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic. The Abdi Ipekci Park in Sihhiye includes an area surrounded by swimming pools and statues, in a busy business environment. It is one of the parks visited by Cankaya residents. The Kurtulus Park in the proximity of the Ipekci Park covers a quite vast area. With its ice-skating rink in the middle and its fishponds, this park is a recreation spot on the outskirts of Hacettepe. The Guven Park attracts attention with the giant monument symbolizing the new Turkish Republic created from the wreckage of the Ottoman Empire.

Ataturk Farm and Zoo

with its outdoor cafes, its parks, its picnic areas, its zoo, its various products and its nature is today a recreational zoo visited a lot by residents of Ankara.

The Bayindir Dam

12 km away from Ankara, is a recreational area. With its natural beauty, its outdoor cafe, its camping area and its swimming pool, the dam also attracts tourists.

The Cubuk Dam

is 12 km away from Ankara. In the forested area surrounding the dam are there outdoor cafes, picnic areas, walking areas and countryside coffee houses.


is 25 southwest of Ankara. Along the coast of Mogan Lake, there are restaurants and coffee houses as well as beaches and outdoor cafes. During hot summer months, it is a recreational spot where people quench their thirst for sea a little. The lake with a swimming pool on its coast is favourable for boat tours.


has a great influence in Ankara's modern appearance. The 125-metre tower stands 118.2 metres above the ground. The multi-purpose cocktail bar favourable for the use of audio and visual devices is 600 square feet.. The revolving restaurant making one full revolution every hour is 111.8 m. The lookout terrace open everyday from 09.30 to 23:00 is 103.8 m, and there is a café-bar at 99.8 m.

The Presidential Mansion and the Ataturk Museum are also located in Cankaya Ridge. In Cankaya, relatively cool on hot summer days, there are sweet shops, pastries, and coffee houses within the vast park area.

Among other recreational areas in Ankara are considered MTA Rose Garden, Kurtbogazi Dam, Sariyar Dam, Beynam, Camkoru, Guven - Karagol, Hosebe, Karagol, Sorgun, Sogutozu, Tekkedagi and Uluhan Recreational Forests.