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Tekirdag, which is on the northern shores of Marmara Sea,was established by Samos colonialists in history and was called as Bisanthe (Rasatus in Roman period, Rodosto in Byzantine period, Tekfurdagi in Ottoman period), is an important trade port. On both sides of Tekirdag, perfect shores lay. Its surroundings are full of sunflower fields and vineyards.

This coast city is famous with Tekirdag raki and meatballs. Its cherries and grapes should not be forgotten. The regional flavors satisfy nearly all tastes.

The fore coming historical structure of the city is Rustem Pasha Mosque, which was built in 1553 by Mimar Sinan by the order of Rustem Pasha, the grand vizier of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman. The collection of Archeology and Ethnography Museum is rather rich. The house in which Hungarian Freedom Fighter Prince II Franc Rakoczy spent the last days of his life was arranged as a museum. The furniture used by the Prince and his family was kept in this house in Hungarian Street. The house in which the famous Turkish poet Namik Kemal was born (1840-1888) in Tekirdag could not reach to present time. But in the place where the house used to be, Namik Kemal House Museum, which was built in 1994 in memoriam of Namik Kemal, serves as a museum. Also, Inecik Imaret Mosque (15th century) is one of the oldest mosques of Tekirdag. Orta Mosque (1845- 1855) is one of the mosques worth to see. Hora Lighthouse, which consists of 96 crystals, is in Hoskoy near Sarkoy. This lighthouse was built by French in 1876 and is operated by the same family for 112 years. Lighthouse rotates 360 degrees.

Sarkoy and Murefte rest in 60 km west of Tekirdag where there are many holiday resorts with vineyards. Here, wine feasts are arranged annually. The tours to vineyards during vintages are opportunities which must not be missed by the ones who want to learn wine making and taste the regional wines.

Another district of Tekirdag, Corlu (Tzoulou), had been added to the Ottoman territory completely in 1361 while it was acting as a bridge between Istanbul and Europe in Middle Age.

Sarkoy, Ucmakdere, Murefte, Hoskoy, Yenikoy which are around Tekirdag are beautiful places to be seen.