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[Sakarya (Adapazari)]


Sakarya (Adapazari) is an important industrial and agricultural district to the east of Izmit.
The Sakarya (Sangurius) River gives life to the rich soil. The 429 meter long Beskopru (five bridges) connected the distant shores of the river was commissioned in 553AD by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian II. Although Sakarya River changed its course over the years, Beskopru is still one of the most important historical sites in Adapazari. Another important site is Sakarya Bridge, which was commissioned in 1495 by Sultan Bayezit II.

Tersiye Tumulus, which was discovered in Kucukesence village near Tepecik region, dates back to the 1st century AD. Akyazi Tumulus in Kucucek village is also discovered to be from the same period.

Harmantepe Castle, Adliye Castle, Elvan Bey Public kitchen and Orhan Gazi Mosque are among the historical places of the district.

The Ataturk and Ethnography Museum exhibits the region’s handicrafts and a selection of personal belongings of the Turkish Republic’s founder.

Sapanca Lake with its lush vegetation is very close to Adapazari and Istanbul is only 120 kilometres away. Sapanca is a place to visit in any season having walking paths, fresh air and a natural environment where hues of blue and green combine while offering high quality accommodations. Arifiye Forest is on the highlands above Sapanca, offers visitors to this forest camping and picnic sites, and has a beautiful panoramic view of the lake. Kuzuluk district’s many hot springs have been developed. If hot springs are of interest, Kuzuluk is worthy of a visit.

Tarakli is a small town between Sapanca and Goynuk with 300-year-old bay-windowed houses that are an admirable attraction. In Tarakli visitors can buy hand carved woodwork, which are available there. Visitors to Tarakli are recommended to visit the 1000-meter high highland, which is close to the city. Karasu is a popular lake district 50 kilometres north of Adapazari on the Black Sea coast. In Akgol lake near Karasu is very convenient for rod or spear fishing.